Monday, 16 October 2017

PROFILE: Chi-chi Nwanoku, bassist, professor of double bass historical studies, Royal Academy of Music London, and founder of Chineke! Foundation

(Chi-chi Nwanoku)
 (… critically-acclaimed bassist)
(Professor Nwanoku is here interviewed by Sergio MimsArise News, 12 May 2015)
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Sunday, 15 October 2017

79th birthday of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti

(Born 15 October 1938, Abeokuta, Nigeria)
Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

CELEBRATED Afro-beat musician, bandleader and one of just a handful of genocidist Nigeria public figures, particularly in the Lagos and west region of Awolowoist/Awolowoid/Adekunleist agglomeration of Igbo genocide perpetrators and/or denialists, who consistently and unequivocally condemns the Igbo genocide (as he evocatively reminds the world in his authorised biography, Carlos MooreFela: The Bitch of a Life, Lawrence Hill, 2009: 47-49: “The Biafrans were right … That’s evident now … The I[g]bo were right … The Biafrans were f***ing right to secede...”), untiringly and expansive critic of regimes in post-Igbo genocide age-of-pestilence Nigeria, employing the expressive lyrics of his myriads of compositions and the operatic drive of his orchestra to assail genocidist sergeants and generals and corporals and “colonels” and financiers and politicians and their cohorts who control and wheel and deal in the kakistocratic lair that calls itself Nigeria
(Fela Ransome-Kuti and the Africa 70, “Everything Scatter” [recorded: LP Nigeria, Coconut PMLP1000, 1975])
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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Genocidist Nigeria: Where is Nnamdi Kanu? Where are Nnamdi Kanu’s parents?

(Nnamdi Kanu and his loving parents)
Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

TODAY marks one month since the 14 September 2017 genocidist Nigeria military stormed the home of Nnamdi Kanu’s parents at Afaraukwu-Ibeku, eastcentral Biafra. Consequently, the whereabouts of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (constituted integrally in the Biafra freedom movement), and his parents, remain unknown. Scores of the Kanus’ relatives and friends were murdered during the assault and scores of others are still unaccounted for.

GENOCIDIST Nigeria surely knows that it will account for the safety of Nnamdi Kanu and his parents and take full responsibility of the consequences of that savage raid on a family home.
(The New York Contemporary Five, “Consequences” [personnel: Archie Shepp, tenor saxophone; Don Cherry, pocket trumpet; John Tchicai, alto saxophone; Don Moore, bass; JC Moses, drums; recorded: live, Jazzhus Montmarte, Copenhagen, Denmark, 15 November 1963])
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Friday, 13 October 2017

108th birthday of Art Tatum

(Born 13 October 1909, Toledo, Ohio, US)
Piano virtuoso, arguably the most influential jazz pianist in history
(Art Tatum Trio, “Blues in C” [personnel: Tatum, piano; Benny Carter, alto saxophone; Louie Bellson, drums; recorded: Pablo Group, New York, US, 25 June 1954])
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115th birthday of Arna Bontemps

(Born 13 October 1902, Alexandria, Louisiana, US)
AWARD-WINNING prolific poet, novelist, children’s writer, editor, biographer, historian, and librarian, whose work plays a cardinal role in the emergence of contemporary African American letters
(Andrew Hill Quartet, “Cantarnos” [personnel: Hill, piano; Joe Henderson, tenor saxophone;  Richard Davis, bass; Roy Haynes, drums; recorded: Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, US, 8 November 1963])


Thursday, 12 October 2017

FOR THE RECORD: Four compelling views on the ongoing genocidist Nigeria military’s mandatory vaccination of Igbo school children in regions across (occupied) Biafra with unknown “vaccine(s)”

Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe

THE FOLLOWING views, posted here completely unedited, are derived from the Facebook wall of each commentator except that of Dr Chin Akano’s which comes from Carol Munday’s wall:

Chin Akano (medical doctor)
I have seen a few video clips and posts regarding the so called charitable immunisation exercise allegedly being carried out by soldiers in Anambra. I have also heard that children are being immunised without parental consent.
To me this is criminal. It can only happen in a primitive country. For starters you cannot immunise a child without parental or guardian consent. It’s child abuse and assault. Secondly you must know a child’s immunisation history before you administer a vaccine to avoid repeating those that the child has already developed immunity against, unless a serological test confirmed that the immunity is absent or partial. Also some children may have allergies which could lead to fatal outcomes if they are vaccinated. You cannot also vaccinate an ill child and some vaccines contain live organisms which can cause fever and even febrile convulsion if unchecked, so the parents need to be properly counselled prior to vaccinating their wards. Pls this barbaric and unsolicited nonsense must stop pronto.

Chikwendu Anyanwu (Catholic priest and commentator)

A constrictor cannot be a lifesaver. So it is reasonable to reject anything medical from a python.

George C E Enyoazu (social critic)
One of the numerous problems of Nigeria is the systematic assigning of the wrong job to the wrong people. A trained engineer is encouraged to do the job of a medical doctor or a lawyer. In the same vein, someone without a vocational training at all is assigned the job of an automobile mechanic or a carpenter. Thus, the military who ordinarily should mark the external enemy have found themselves with no job of substance to do, hence, they find their way into national politics, producing misleaders, such as Buhari. Because the army and other segments of the armed forces are idle, they are programmed to kill and brutalize hapless citizens as we've seen in the ill-fated Oppression Python Dance II in the South East. 
As if they were not satisfied with the scale of damage and destruction inflicted on the Igbo civilian population, the army started forcing their way into schools in the region, claiming that they were there for a free medical mission to pupils. The most irritating of this uncouth imposture is forcing little kids at gun point to be vaccinated. The question has been why the forced vaccination? When did the job of the Ministry of Health become that of the army, especially an army with a notoriety for killing Igbo youths under the flimsiest guise? Flashback to my childhood days. The Health authorities announced a periodic inoculation exercise for kids. Parents would willingly take their wards to the designated centres. This was done devoid of any force, coercion, threat or bullish intrusion into the private lives of families. Every parent realised it was in the child's interest to be inoculated. So, we all got the jab on the upper arm. The scar remains till date. Contrary to today's Ministry of Health doing the job, the army who are in a killing field in Biafraland have suddenly extended their obnoxious services to inoculating our children without our consent; whether we like it or not. 
What sort of repressive society is this? Whose idea was it?Interestingly, the Imo State Chapter of the Nigerian Medical Association has risen to the occasion by faulting the so-called army inoculation, and advised parents and schools not to submit to that. Very succinct to the letter. Embarrassed by the pandemonium it has caused as pupils and their parents were running helter skelter to avoid it in Anambra State, the unusual voice of the State governor, Willie Obiano was heard asking the army to suspend the exercise, pending enough sensitization. One begins to imagine that an Igbo governor could now advise the army to stop! But when our youth were being mauled to death by army bullets in Asaba, Nkpor and Abia State, no Igbo governor could raise a finger of protestation. No Igbo politician advised the ruthless army to hold back. The good news though is that the Igbo populace have zero-trust where the Nigerian Army are concerned. Any politician who thinks that a sensitization exercise would be a fore-runner of an army inoculation exercise on our children should please get real. An Igbo adage says, “the lizard marks the footsteps of those who would pelt it”. In this era of unconscionable terror of Fulani herdsmen, and 97% versus 5% voting pattern, monkeypox and army rampage in the East, everyone should concentrate on their vocational training. Army's vaccination in the East is ill-willed!

Osita Ezeliora (academic)
Only a lunatic would suggest that Nd’Igbo should go for any form of vaccination from a hateful regime that only weeks ago murdered our sons in broad daylight. Only a monumental idiot would advise onye Igbo obuna to accept possibly poisoned chemicals when only recently our children were suffocated in mud water while many others were brutally shot dead… Any clown of a priest that tells parents to go for any vaccination at this stage deserves the combined visitation of Amadioha, Udo and Ogwugwu... And even more: the visitation of angry Igbo mob. Ndi aruru ana kagbulu onwe fa n’uka!!!!
(The New York Contemporary Five plays Don Cherry’s composition, “Consequences” [personnel: Archie Shepp, tenor saxophone; Cherry, pocket trumpet; John Tchicai, alto saxophone; Don Moore, bass; JC Moses, drums; recorded: live, Jazzhus Montmarte, Copenhagen, Denmark, 15 November 1963])
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109th birthday of Ann Petry

(Born 12 October 1908, Old Saybrook, Connecticut, US)
Pharmacist, award-wining influential novelist and journalist – publications include the classic, The Street (1946), Country Place (1947), The Narrows (1953), Tituba of Salem Village (1955, novel for children), Harriet Tubman: Conductor of the Underground Railroad (1960, non-fiction)
(Alice Coltrane Sextet featuring Pharoah Sanders, “Isis and Osiris” [personnel: Coltrane, harp, piano; Sanders, soprano saxophone, percussion; Charlie Haden, bass; Vishnu Wood, oud; Rashied Ali, drums; recorded: live, Village Gate, New York, US, 4 July 1970])
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