Friday, 22 April 2011

Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe on Christopher Okigbo, the Igbo genocide and Biafra - Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., United States, 22 September 2007

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  1. brilliant ekwe ekwe this is a well thought out speech

  2. thought provoking getting me to think again

  3. Hi Prof, I must confess to you that I shed tears, not because of what happened in the past, or the normal evocative feelings, but because I was reconnected to my past, via recently found invaluable YouTube videos. I suddenly found, at my disposal, the video of your highly articulated speech on Chris Okigbo. That same night, I watched other videos, including those of Ojukwu and Nzeogwu - people whom, I have read about but never thought I could see their faces and expressions. I am a young Igbo man, have always had strong passion for my people, experienced my own share of our pain because I grew up in northern Nigeria. I'm currently a postgraduate student in the UK.
    If you can, please write me...


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